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Cheers to d Frigging 1st POST….!!!

June 21, 2011

Omo, if I continue to listen to these critics’ criticism, ridicule, denigration and disparagement that I’ve gotten for posts I wrote then scabbed. I’m neva gonna post anything. I mean d numba of “tHIS is rubbish”, “bORING”, “not GOOD eNUFF”, “*STBH (Shaking Their BIG HEAD)” and “Did YU write Tis NONSENSE (I tel yu say na anoda person write am?? Abi, why yu feel say I give yu 2 proofread?)” is enuff to outnumber d posts in @KevinwithanL’s (who is my blogging ‘menthol’ by the way) blog.

So, here it is. My very first wordpost (or is it still blogpost? but tis na WordPress nau). I cross my heart and you can ready to die. *pops banana chewgum in mouth and put on headphones*. Heediots! You can like to hate, *yawn*, mtcheeew, gbagaun, boil stone or hug transformer (choose your preference or fill it in if wasn’t mentioned).

By the way, excuse my bad manners; My Momma taught me berra:

Good Day Sahs and Madams. Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a gud time. Do leave intelligent comments and visit again (expecting new goods soon). Oshee!!


*presses play on I-pod Shuffle and struts away*


*champagne pops somewhere in d background*

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