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July 6, 2011

“see all eyes on me, I’m feeling like 2pac sef.

I don’t know why you people like to mind my business for me o.

So what, I was dropped by Alhaji on a Monday morning

So what, I called him Kamiru as he drove off

So what if he is older than my father?

So what if you call me a prostitute?

I’m a RUNS babe, and baby, I no dey shame

Why I go shame sef?

It’s survival. Yep, for me, it is

You, Aisha wey dey look me like say I be lice, I steal your boyfriend?

Abi na me send you say make you be ashawo wey dem no dey pay.

Every single boy for that ur Department don chop ur beans; chop, clean mouth and tell your bye bye.

You say it’s for fun; at least you are not selling your body for money?

I say toto wey dem fuck na toto wey dem fuck. At least mine is bringing in revenue, and I’m taking care of her wella. I wax her; you use shaving stick on yours.

Ahn Ese, you get mouth to talk? You went down with every guy on the management crew of that Beauty pageant gig. Even their driver suck your Bobbie sef. And still you get mouth to talk? Abeg \__

Mary? You?! Anytime you want something from your bobo, na then you dey go spend the night, then return the next day with what you want. That Brazilian hair take you the whole weekend off…. You dey do runs with style cos that nor be relationship. #NewsFlash: that one na indirect prostitution.

And you Agatha wey go fuck boy, come give am money to clothe and shine him girlfriend, na you worst pass. You and your pussy lack sense. No wonder Uche say your pussy dey squeeze (frown); She no dey happy

As for you Bose; every Musa, Chinedu and Efe don hit jackpot on the first date with you. Your own na just osho-free pussy, Correck cheapatiko!!!

And yet y’all judge me? Abeg abeg make una ride on

Una dey use una P as una see fit, I think. me dey also use my own as I want.

And my own dey pay.

In six figures. No time

Phone rings- Ringtone plays *when the money goes, will the honey stay?*


*Picks call*

“Hey my Kamiru”

“You did? I miss you tew, big boy”…..

*Walks off and voice fades……


Prostitution is as wrong as it gets. Hypocrisy isn’t any better….

I’ve got no intention to sound like a Pastor, but the bible condemns all forms of sexual utterance outside marriage; fornication, adultery and harlotry. There’s no higher value placed on harlotry. So what’s with this prejudice against these girls? Holier than thou?

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  1. July 6, 2011 9:24 pm

    Sick conclusion

  2. iftosay permalink
    August 22, 2011 7:51 pm

    wow!! this is sick!!

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