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looking BACK

September 20, 2011

No one understands what makes me smile in my sleep.

No one could ever understand how I manage to sleep blissfully with death, pain and suffering all around.

No one could simply conjecture that, only when I was asleep, I could have the objects that could grant me relief and happiness. I could get once again, all I had lost and was reminded of when awake.

Our past has been forgotten. Who we were, where we are coming from, what happened, what we did, faced and suffered. I see the young going in our footsteps again, setting the wheels in motion again. They’ve got no idea what this can cause, the pain and sufferings it will bring. The bloods that will be spilled. There’s never a winner in a war with one’s brother.

It feels like a million years ago, but I still remember being that young. To feel ‘the blood’, energy coursing through my loins. Feeling ‘life, energy. You never thought you could get old. You had all the time in the world. You could do anything/everything. Tomorrow seems so far away (until suddenly, it creeps on you).

Like the time honored fashion in which only the young can act –with no thought or consideration to the obvious consequence and suffering their actions will bring -, they are set to repeat the sad and tragic mistakes we made. History is set to repeat itself again.

Certainly, you could not take the word of these oldies seriously; I mean what does an old man -who is unable to get from his bed to a chair without your help- suppose he knows about ‘these extreme times’? He drools in his soup, has someone else changing his diaper and stays in whatever position he’s placed. Yet he says he knows a thing about life, security, pride and territory? Of course, he knows nothing. You just have to repeat the mistakes he (they) made to learn something. He (they) also did (it’s rather unfortunate that the consequences are so dire).

Although, I realize it’s going to have little or no effect in the choices and decisions they make, I still feel the need to tell our story. If for nothing, it’s a part of a heritage that they deserve to know.  Someday, they might refer to it, to tell their story.

My eyesight is totally gone. I can no longer write. I need someone put this down for me. I call for VEe -our dead neighbour’s daughter, who now lives with us and tend to me-. VEe is very young, but she will do. She can write faster than I can talk.

Where shall I begin, VEe? Where should I start from?

Start at the beginning, Papa.

The beginning? I’m not sure where the beginning is. But, let me begin in the manner every other great story is:

Once upon a time ago, back then when the sun was younger, grave peril rose in the land. This evil threatened to disrupt the foundations of the called the Giant of Africa (although, as now, it’s development was also seemingly usurped by those of other African States at that time, and the Super Eagles were also chickening).

It all started when a bomb went off…


Leon’s ANGLE?

Boko Haram.

Yeah, that’s what this is all about. With the various bomb threat going around last week. A lot of talks where made about ’tis Boko Haram issue’, and the consequence and reaction it will draw, if a bomb goes off here in the South (where I live). With our militancy record and high level(presence) ethnic conflicts(war), it’s no surprise that everyone was talking about a retaliation on the northerners and Muslims (most of whom are not in support of the ‘sect’ acttions) who reside in this region.

Although, the sect consist of a minute part of Nigerian Muslims, I’m sure some affected faction would have carried this out. I had a discussion with a friend’s grandpa about this. But, the conversation took an unexpected twist (though, it doesn’t seem out of context, not that I think about it). We ended up talking about the civil war, how it started and the pain it brought. Pa served in it, and was eager tell stories about it.

He inspired me to tell a story.

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  1. anonymous permalink
    September 20, 2011 11:36 am

    Nice read. I love the angle you took

  2. saucegirl permalink
    September 20, 2011 11:48 am

    Yu attend UNIBEN right?

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